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Step-by-step Log-In Instructions

Upon initial login, the user will be required to define security questions and provide answers. Once security questions are initially defined, MFA verifies user identity in steps 2 and 3 below. When re-validation is required, MFA verifies using all three below user-performed steps:

Step 1: One of the user predefined security questions will be asked and answer required.

Step 2: User will be asked which method they wish to received authentication code; via email or short message service to mobile phone (SMS), if SMS number is configured.

Step 3: User will be required to enter the authentication code sent in step 2, or request it be resent if not originally received. Note: The access code is only valid for 15 minutes. If the code is not used within this time frame you must request a new one. If you do not receive your access code or require assistance, please call us: 866-891-1954, option 1 for customer service.

When all steps are completed successfully, a cookie is created, matched to the user’s identity and stored. The user will then be granted access to the SecureSearch site. MFA will be required when the cookie expires after 90 days (default setting), or if the cookie doesn’t exist (e.g. cookies are deleted or site is accessed from an unrecognized device). Note: Users who log in on different computers will be required to establish the cookie as outlined above on each computer used.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in creating a more secure SecureSearch!