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SecureSearch™ thanks you! Youre serving an important role in society and providing a wide range of vital and worthwhile social assistance that makes a real difference. Our youth is fortunate that they have you to aid in developing their minds, leadership skills, and teamwork. Whether you need to screen classified staff, certified staff, or volunteers you can trust us to assist in protecting all those in your educational environment.

Common Pitfalls you should be aware of:

Doing business with SecureSearch™ is easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Our day-to-day agreement takes less than 5 minutes and is easy to complete.  Don’t believe us, check it out “here!
  2. Requesting a background check couldn’t be easier.  Simply enter your applicant’s name and email address and we’ll do the rest. 
  3. Receive notification of completed reports, log in, and view.

Solely relying upon fingerprint checks has a great deal of failures. To learn more click here. For example, learning that someone was fired in one district and got hired in another is absolutely appalling. By conducting detailed background checks to include criminal information, sex offender registries, employment history and educational verification, you now have an accurate and more complete history. Regardless of what your minimum screening requirements are, the safety of those in your educational environment is important enough to obtain thorough and comprehensive information.

EFFICIENCY SecureSearch™ validates all criminal offenses prior to finalizing the report, eliminating unnecessary inquiries.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Our hand-selected personnel consistently delivers first-class responses to your needs. We are reliable, competent, knowledgeable, and helpful, with every encounter. We empower you with the tools to bring efficiency to your background screening.

SECURITY Our technology platform undergoes continuous third-party vulnerability testing that independently verifies our security posture. Our layered “Defense-in-Depth” approach ensures resilient protection against threats. Our system is monitored continuously against threat intrusion and compromise. SecureSearch™ maintains the utmost integrity of all information trusted to our system.

PRICING Quality services at incredibly affordable pricing.

COMPLIANCE With more than a decade of experience, and our FCRA certified staff, SecureSearch™ can deliver a clear path.  We understand the legalities, can guide you through any confusion, and provide the legal sample documents you may need.

Circumstances in an employees world can change. This can alter their integrity and increase your risk. Annual rescreening of staff can be a means to protect the workplace. In addition, a worker promoted or reassigned to a new position may have different responsibilities not covered by a previous background check. Rescreening demonstrates your continued due diligence and ensures that you’ve selected the right candidate.

Advantages of Partnering with SecureSearch™:

  • Quick, Effortless, & Straight Forward Data Entry options for Applicant Screenings:
    • Email Request (entry of only name and email required)
    • Direct Entry
    • Customized URL with your organization logo
    • Batch Import
  • Quality services at incredibly affordable pricing
  • Applicant Pay (APay) provides the option for your volunteers to self-pay
  • We hold your hand through service selection
  • We make Compliance hurdles less scary
  • We have your Recheck system in place
  • Real background checks done by real people
  • On-line system availability 24/7/365
  • No Set-up Fees, No Start Up Costs, No Monthly Minimums
  • We will earn your business every day, every time!
Schools Pricing

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“SecureSearch™ has been great from the moment I reached out to them to find out more information about what their company offers. The staff are all friendly and extremely helpful. They have worked with me on a variety of things we needed for our organization and made the entire process as seamless as possible. We are still getting used to this new system for us, but are finding it easy to use.”

Lauren Nielsen, Volunteer & Event Program Coordinator

“We are new to using SecureSearch™, but the implementation has been great! We are an organization with multiple sites and the ability to run all background checks with a consistent process throughout the United States is amazing. The team has been very helpful and accommodating to adjust processes to better fit our business model and needs. We are excited about our continued partnership with SecureSearch™.”

Jill Heron, Manager of Strategic HR Initiatives

“I’ve been working with SecureSearch™ for approximately 8 months and I’ve had outstanding service. Any questions I have are answered promptly. As someone new to background screening, I’ve been very pleased that the team at SecureSearch™ is always available and willing to walk me through the process and what to expect as many times as necessary. I would recommend SecureSearch™ as your provider for background screening.”

Amy Dove, Vice President