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    Background Checks & Verifications

    business colleagues-2Does your youth group or non-profit need to check the backgrounds of volunteers? Hiring new staff that requires you to perform pre-employment background checks?

    SecureSearch™ provides a wide range of specific background checks for a number of different purposes. Whether you require a simple criminal and sex crime background check to ensure basic safety, an easy credit or drug check or a comprehensive check for high-level security clearance type individuals, we can handle it.

    You need to know who you are working with. Finding out more about their background is a great start. The fact is there has never been a greater need to ensure the safety and security of your workplace or organization.

    Although crime in general is lower than it’s been in over twenty years, we live in a world filled with people who may seem perfectly fine…on a first meeting. But do you really know them? Not really. Protecting yourself and co-workers is critically important.

    Think about it: Criminals and other questionable people have gotten smarter and know how to work the system. But not when you use SecureSearch™. We can look into a persons past from every angle and find things that others cannot. In a time of superior Internet technology, we are always one step ahead.

    Background Checks of All Kinds
    • Volunteer and Pre-employment Screening - We offer a full range of services designed to keep organizations safe from potential liability. These same services assist these organizations in screening out unfit or dangerous applicants.
    • Criminal History Searches & Sex Offender Registry Searches - Looks at an applicant’s past to uncover previous convictions to determine if they are fit to be a candidate for certain positions.
    • Motor Vehicle Driving Histories - Reviews an applicants driving history to see if their license is current and valid and that they do not show reckless driving behavior. Aggressive driving may translate into aggressive and physical behavior.
    • Credit Reports - A view into how an applicant manages their own finances before handling the finances of a company or non-profit organization.
    • Education Verification - Verifies and validates the degrees and majors claimed by an applicant. Did they graduate or just attend? Or perhaps they didn’t attend at all? This happens more frequently than you would think.
    • Employment Verifications – This check validates their resume; we look for consistency and honesty in the information provided by the applicant as well as reasons for leaving and if they are eligible for rehire.
    • Federal Criminal Searches - a search of the US Court system or Federal Court system. This check covers White collar crimes such as embezzlement along with interstate kidnapping and any crime that falls within the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts system.
    • International Criminal Searches - Allows an organization to screen criminal histories in foreign countries if their applicant moved here or lived abroad.
    • Drug Testing – Includes numerous options from the standard 5-10 panel screens to more sophisticated screenings and DOT programs.

    What’s our approach? We provide you with the best, most accurate data by leveraging our state of the art background system and employing our dedicated service team to provide you with a totally customized, affordable solution that works for your needs, whether you are checking one person for a one-time event or have ongoing background check needs.

    Our customers rely on our fast, compliant, and accurate profiles to make critical decisions, choices that can make a big difference in the lives of your existing employees, volunteers and others. If a hiring mistake is made, it can prove troublesome or even tragic. All of our screening services offer the convenience of securely submitting requests and accessing profile reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere with an Internet connection.