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    Reducing the Risk of Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports


    Are you a league official that needs to develop, implement and maintain a thorough background screening program for employees, staff and volunteers?

    Fact: Youth sports are a breeding ground for pedophiles and other unscrupulous characters that prey on children.

    Whatever you decide, do not put your children at risk. Relying on cheap, low quality or “instant” databases can lead to gaps in reporting that can open the door for a sexual predator to enter your organization.

    Think about it: how easy is it for someone – anyone - to simply portray themselves as a nice, normal, law abiding individual when they want to be the coach of a youth sports team? It’s frighteningly easy and our children are paying a very high price.

    There are so many opportunities for abuse to happen in this environment. Children change clothes to get into their uniforms, they are transported to games in other people’s cars and by the very nature of sports activity itself, there is a great deal of physical contact.

    As a parent, it’s critical as well to recognize abuser characteristics and grooming behavior so you can have the peace of mind you need. With a thorough and comprehensive background check, you won’t have to be concerned with this issue.

    SecureSearch™ is a top provider of background checks for youth sports organizations, checking on the backgrounds of coaches, umpires, officials and others involved in day to day operations of children’s sports teams. Rest assured, we’ll hit it out of the park with our programs!

    How Can Your Team or National Organization Benefit?
    • Protect all kids on the team, provide assurance to the families
    • Reduce the likelihood of lawsuits and other legal issues
    • Free information on background checks and streamlining the screening process
    • No Signup Fees - when you are a qualified youth sports organization
    • Paperless Solution- volunteers complete their background check forms online
    • Accurate Records - Re-verified national criminal database records

    Getting involved in sports can help a child learn important life lessons about teamwork, determination and coping with adversity. To forward this goal, most parents tell their children to trust and respect the coach. Under normal circumstances, this is a great thing for youth development, but with the wrong coach, this makes your child vulnerable and more open to the possibility of abuse.

    It’s true that the right coach can change a child's life forever. They can teach our children sportsmanship, competition and teamwork. But the wrong coach can make a child’s life hell on earth. Don’t allow a sexual predator to infiltrate your youth sports program. Demand that your Parks and Recreation department or school uses SecureSearch™ so you always know who you are dealing with.