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    Employee and Volunteer Background Checks for Non-Profit Organizations


    Fact: Non-profits rely on volunteers to meet their day-to-day needs. Because non-profits serve the less fortunate and more vulnerable, it’s essential that background checks be performed. The last thing you want are volunteers preying on those you serve.

    Along with schools, non-profits are highly vulnerable to unwelcomed outsiders who may have an agenda. You need to keep those questionable people out!

    As a non-profit organization, you’re serving an important role in society. You help, assist, provide consultation and education and engage in a wide range of vital and worthwhile social assistance activities that make a real difference.

    What’s interesting is that there is an assumption that if someone is volunteering to help, they must be a good person, someone who can be trusted. Don’t believe it. Without a background check, you never really know who you are dealing with.

    Pedophiles and other criminals – especially the smart ones – prey on charitable organizations for this very reason. They think they can get away with it. If you run a non-profit, be smart and do not let this happen. Far too many non-profits have not performed the necessary background checks and have learned the hard way.

    Benefit from Volunteer Background Checks
    • SecureSearch™ provides checks for non-profit Volunteers and staff – from criminal checks to employment verification and every other check you need.
    • Minimize potential lawsuits and negligent hiring risks.
    • Minimize absenteeism and discipline problems, maintains and promotes a drug-free workplace.
    • Helps to determine character/personality traits and level of integrity for those working with the infirm, elderly or young, or those with access to residences or living quarters.
    • Provides peace of mind for groups that take care of the elderly and families of residents.
    • Manages public perception in order to minimize and negative publicity and reputation.
    • Improves funding providers and the public’s peace of mind.
    • Compliance with federal, state and other regulations regarding the use of background screening.

    With hundreds of thousands of non-profits serving millions of individuals and families, every organization has unique needs when it comes to background checks. If you run a small, local women’s shelter or food bank, you may have a limited budget. We’ll work with you to ensure you get the background checks you need.

    On the other hand, you may be a large, nationwide or international organization that is seeking an easy, long term, comprehensive background check solution. SecureSearch™ answers the call here as well. We’ll work with any non-profit organization to implement a comprehensive and workable background screening solution that meets your budget and your objectives.