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Continous Monitoring is a critical evolution in the background screening industry to keep companies safe from fraud, theft, and reputational damage.

One-and-done is no longer sufficient to fully ensure the safety of your organization.

This is why many companies are now rapidly adopting Continuous Monitoring as Best Practice.

  • Every day 29,000 people are arrested in the US (source FBI)
  • According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 75% of employees steal at least once and 50% steal repeatedly.
  • The US Bureau of Labor statistics reported that after four years of employment, 10% of employees will have been arrested twice.

We all know the value background checks deliver by providing visibility into a candidate’s past. But once they’re on board, are the results frozen in time?  Realistically, your worker’s history keeps changing. Continuous Monitoring is a subscription service that runs in the background notifying you of any reportable changes to their criminal records.

More CURRENT Insights will help Protect your Organization against:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Negligent Retention Litigation
  • Potential Exposure to Threats
  • Risk, Fraud, Embezzlement, Theft, DUIs and more
  • Denigrated Brand Reputation

Are you questioning if it’s too invasive or costly to Continuously Monitor your employees? Ask yourself: what impact would it have if everything I’ve built was put in jeopardy or lost?

Help ensure the candidates you hired continue to be the colleagues you trust. With all you’ve invested, can you afford not to?

For your organization to continue to thrive you must know when a current employee is part of a pending case or had a recent conviction. Don’t miss the warning signs. Reduce the prevalence of insider threats by implementing a Continuous Monitoring policy.

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Lauren Nielsen, Volunteer & Event Program Coordinator

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Amy Dove, Vice President