Employee and Volunteer Background Checks for Non-Profit Organizations


Fact: Non-profits rely on volunteers to meet their day-to-day needs. Because non-profits serve the less fortunate and more vulnerable, it’s essential that background checks be performed. The last thing you want are volunteers preying on those you serve.

Along with schools, non-profits are highly vulnerable to unwelcomed outsiders who may have an agenda. You need to keep those questionable people out!

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Private, Public and Universities


School can be one of the most vulnerable environments that children are exposed to. Because of the level of trust given to those involved in educating our children, discovering that a teacher or other school employee is a convicted felon can be horrifying. Learning that someone was fired for a crime in one district and gets hired somewhere else is absolutely appalling. These kinds of practices happen usually through ignorance of good background checking policies and procedures.

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Youth Sports

Reducing the Risk of Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports


Are you a league official that needs to develop, implement and maintain a thorough background screening program for employees, staff and volunteers?

Fact: Youth sports are a breeding ground for pedophiles and other unscrupulous characters that prey on children.

Whatever you decide, do not put your children at risk. Relying on cheap, low quality or “instant” databases can lead to gaps in reporting that can open the door for a sexual predator to enter your organization.

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