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Frequently Asked Questions?

A: Please ensure you are using the correct username and password when logging into our site  If 3 or more login attempts have been made, your login credentials will be locked.  Please be aware that users are suspended after 60 days of inactivity.  If credentials are locked or suspended, please email us at, provide your user name, and tell us what issue you are experiencing.

A: Most services are instant, therefore cannot be canceled or credited. If you are unsure about whether an order was actually transmitted, please call us prior to ordering again as we cannot credit duplicated orders. Please review all information entered prior to transmitting an order.

A: A flag indicates that the order results require your careful review and consideration.

A: A flag can be triggered for multiple reasons:

  • Applicant’s information was entered incorrectly
  • The applicant is over the age of 21 and no address history is returned
  • A public record in the searched jurisdiction matched the entered criteria and was returned as part of the results
  • Verification discrepancies between applicant and source provided information

Please contact us if you have questions regarding records returned on a report.

A:  To access completed background checks please follow the directions below:

  • Log into the SecureSearch website:
  • Hover over “View” and click on “All Completed Profiles”
  • Find the desired applicant’s name and click on the purple printer icon to the left of the person’s name
  • A new tab will open with the background check results in PDF. Service/order results will begin on page three

A: Per FCRA guidelines a consumer is entitled to a copy of their report upon request.

A: For information regarding disputes, please visit us at  Please contact Customer Service should you have any further questions.

A: There are many reasons why the record may not appear in a report:

  • The records are older than 7 years
  • The records are recent and the conviction hasn’t been released to the public record
  • The records have been sealed or expunged
  • The state or county does not report misdemeanor and felony convictions to the Multi-State database. To view current reporting jurisdictions, please click here.
  • The Name and Date of Birth do not match what is on file with the jurisdiction (i.e. Jon Smith vs. John Smith vs. Jonathan Smith)
  • It is possible that the criminal record resides with a Federal Court and therefore you would need to search that court system as well as State and Local courts